Diabetes Program

Diabetes Program

The Free Clinics offers a Diabetes Program for newly diagnosed patients or those patients who have diabetes that is not well-managed.  The program includes three main components:

Bridges to Health: Diabetes

  • Open to patients with prediabetes, type-1, or type-2 diabetes
  • Free primary care
  • No appointment needed; drop-in visits offered weekly
  • A comprehensive group providing medical care, behavioral health care, and health education
  • Meters, testing supplies, and prescription medications from our pharmacy
  • One-on-one visits with an RN case manager to create individualized care plans and set goals
  • Nutritional education
  • Free annual eye exam
  • A1c test every three months; microalbumin test annually 
  • Foot exam(s), annually or as appropriate 

Endocrinology Clinic

  • Consultation with an Endocrinologist (available with referral from a primary care physician; this can be the BTH: Diabetes program)
  • Personalized visit with a Registered Dietitian
  • Ongoing support, monitoring, and education by a Registered Nurse

Eye Clinic

  • Comprehensive diabetic eye exam with an Ophthalmologist (available with referral from primary care physician; this can be the BTH: Diabetes program).
  • Referrals and support for ongoing care (if needed) and eyewear

Patients should call Lincoln Balassa, RN diabetes case manager, at 828.697.8422 for more information.

Please see eligibility guidelines for TFC services.