Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project

The Phoenix Project is a collaboration between The Free Clinics, Advent Health (formerly Park Ridge Health), and Safelight, as well as other organizations in our community. The Phoenix Project offers comprehensive, integrated, holistic healthcare to very vulnerable persons that is trauma-informed, ACES*-informed, and resiliency-focused. Together, we are creating a model of care for programs around the country to implement within their own contexts in the future.

(*ACES refers to Adverse Childhood Experiences, which can traumatize children and have lasting impacts throughout a person’s entire life.)

The Project supports AdventHealth to place three dedicated providers at TFC: an OB/GYN; a Family Nurse Practitioner; and a Psychologist. These providers are available to all patients, and they reserve appointments specifically for Phoenix patients. Together with the support of staff at TFC and Safelight, as well as other local resources, The Phoenix Project supports and promotes the health and well-being of the most vulnerable members of our community, specifically survivors of domestic violence, survivors of sexual assault, survivors of human trafficking, and those with significant mental health and/or substance misuse concerns.

For more information about the Phoenix Project, please call 828-697-8422 or email Kat at