Over 270 active volunteers support our small staff and enable TFC to provide over 19,500 patient encounters every year. Volunteers are the foundation of TFC; volunteers are the reason that TFC exists; volunteers are the reason TFC is able to provide high-quality medical, dental, psychiatric, and pharmaceutical care to patients.  Volunteers are the reason that TFC is able to offer medically indigent patients care that they would not otherwise receive.

Volunteers at TFC range from clinicians (doctors, dentists, psychiatrists, nurse practitioners, nurses, dental hygienists, physical therapists, pharmacists, nutritionists) to lay people.  Volunteers provide the clinical visits; volunteers answer the phones; volunteers conduct eligibility screenings; volunteers translate for Spanish-speaking patients.  Some volunteers work once a week, while others work once a month or once a quarter.

TFC invites you to consider joining our team as a volunteer.  Contact our Community Relations Director, for more information.