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Sue’s Story

Sue is a grandmother who does not work and is the sole provider of childcare for her two grandchildren. She came to the walk-in medical clinic complaining of persistent nausea and vomiting. The volunteer nurse quickly determined that Sue’s symptoms had persisted for several days and that she was in obvious pain. Our volunteer physician recommended Sue go to the emergency room for possible diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially life-threatening situation. She was seen in the ER and admitted to ICU, where she spent three days before being transferred to the medical floor for three additional days. Upon discharge and with assistance from TFC, Sue established a primary care doctor for ongoing diabetic care. She was then referred back to TFC’s Diabetic Life Management Clinic for an intensive 6 – 12 month program to learn how to manage her newly-diagnosed diabetes. Thanks to TFC and our volunteers, Sue now has her diabetes under control, again caring for her grandchildren.

Maria’s Story

Maria is a 24 year old mother of two who came to dental clinic because of swelling and pain in her mouth. At clinic, the volunteer dentist determined that Maria had an impacted wisdom tooth and some cavities. Dr. Avery extracted the wisdom tooth and referred Maria to Stokes Dental Center for routine dental follow-up. She did well after the extraction. Maria is now pain free and has a dental home where she receives her on-going dental care on a sliding fee scale.

Katie’s Story

Katie, a 48 year old mother of two, was referred from Pardee Hospital upon discharge to TFC’s Diabetic Life Management Clinic with a diagnosis of new onset diabetes. Initially, she attended diabetic clinic on a monthly basis, meeting with our volunteer doctor who assessed her progress, monitored her glucose levels, and modified her diabetes medication, as needed. Once stabilized, Katie began attending the clinic once per quarter. While enrolled in the program, Katie attended a series of diabetes education classes and met individually with a Registered Dietitian and diabetic nurse case manager to learn how to better manage her diabetes. Katie also received a glucose monitor, monitoring strips, and diabetes medications for free, as well as an eye exam at TFC’s eye clinic as recommended by the American Diabetic Association. After twelve months, Katie was discharged from the DLMC with her diabetes in good control; she continues her care with her family doctor. Through Medi-Find, TFC’s prescription assistance program, Katie now receives her diabetes medication and diabetic testing strips without charge directly from the pharmaceutical companies.

Steve’s Story

Steve is a 48 year old male referred to TFC by the Department of Social Services. After losing his construction job, Steve spent over a year seeking another position with no success. Finally, he sought financial support from social services. During his intake interview, Steve became despondent and indicated to the DSS worker that he did not want to live any longer. The DSS worker immediately referred Steve to TFC’s Psychiatric Clinic. Steve was seen by the psychiatrist who gave him sample medications for that evening as well as a prescription to be filled in TFC’s Community Pharmacy. Steve was also given a voucher for lab work at Park Ridge Hospital. Steve had difficulty reading the instructions he was given because he had lost the glasses he needed for reading. We referred Steve to the Lion’s Club for assistance getting glasses; we also referred him to a primary care physician for ongoing care. Due to the intercession of the alert DSS worker and TFC, Steve’s depression is improving, and his vision is again corrected with glasses. Steve has a primary care physician, who continues to follow Steve’s medical and mental health needs based upon the treatment plan recommended by TFC’s volunteer psychiatrist. No longer despondent, Steve wrote to TFC: “Thank you for everything you have done to help me. God Bless!”

Jill’s Story

Jill is a 33 year old mother of three who fell and severely broke her ankle two days prior to her planned move from South Carolina to Hendersonville. Jill had the necessary surgery to stabilize her ankle in South Carolina, but required suture removal and follow-up care by an orthopedist after her move. Jill came to our walk-in medical clinic and was then referred to our orthopedic clinic. Dr. Lilly, our volunteer orthopedist, reviewed Jill’s x-ray and found a healing fracture in good alignment. He removed Jill’s sutures at orthopedic clinic and ordered a follow-up x-ray and a re-evaluation appointment one month later. An orthopedic ‘boot’ had been donated to TFC; it was a perfect fit for Jill and offered the needed support she needed during the healing process. Jill’s fracture is now completely healed, and she is able to both work and care for her children.

John’s Story

John came to TFC’s walk-in medical clinic with the complaint of decreased vision in his left eye. He was referred to our eye clinic for an evaluation where he was seen by Dr. Crawford, one of our volunteer ophthalmologists. Dr. Crawford diagnosed a cataract. John was then referred on to Looking Glass Eye Center for further evaluation and treatment. Dr. Daniel Yoder performed a cataract extraction with lens implant. John now has good vision in both eyes and has returned to work full time in the trucking business.

George’s Story

George, 53 year old patient, was referred by his primary care doctor to our pulmonary clinic for an assessment of his sarcoidosis, a progressive chronic lung disease. Dr. Ward evaluated George, performed breathing and lab testing, diagnosed George with sleep apnea in addition to the sarcoidosis, and designed a treatment plan. George was referred for ongoing prescription assistance. Through TFC, the patient now has a CPAP machine to treat his sleep apnea and access to all his needed medications. His chronic disease is now stabilized and he has returned to work.

Sally’s Story

Sally was referred to the Community Pharmacy by the Health Department. She is a working mother of two children. After her husband left the family, Sally discovered she was pregnant. The physician at the Health Department diagnosed Sally with gestational diabetes and instructed her to carefully monitor her blood sugar levels in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Through the Community Pharmacy, Sally obtained a free meter and diabetic testing strips and supplies for only $3. She also obtained the insulin she needs to maintain her health during her pregnancy. Thanks to the Community Pharmacy, patients like Sally can obtain the medications they need at minimal cost.

Andrew’s Story

Andrew was referred to Medi-Find by his primary care physician for assistance in obtaining his nine prescription medications free from pharmaceutical companies.  He had been severely injured in 2001 and required a lengthy hospitalization and several months of therapy.  Prior to his injury, Andrew’s company was able to provide a small group plan for him and his employees. However, due to his injury and the resulting medical treatment, the insurance company canceled his coverage, claiming he exceeded the life time maximum.  Ultimately, Andrew had to sell his company to pay bills.  When Andrew came to Medi-Find, his prescriptions cost him $1,264 each month.  Thanks to Medi-Find and our wonderful volunteers, Andrew now receives six of his medications free from the pharmaceutical companies, at a savings to Andrew of approximately $800 per month.