Programs & Services

Current Programs & Services

The Free Clinics currently offers programs in five areas: Acute Care (Medical Clinics); Chronic and Specialty Care (Bridges to Health, Community Case Management/Project Access, Diabetes Program, Endocrine Clinic, Eye Clinic, and Phoenix Project); Behavioral Health Care (Counseling, Psychiatric Care Navigation, Psychiatric Clinic); Pharmaceutical Support (Community Pharmacy, Medi-Find Prescription Assistance Program, Medication Therapy Management, Naloxone); and Patient Education and Wellness (Care Coordination, Diabetes Education, Flu Shot Clinics, Patient Health Advocacy, and Wellness Screenings).

TFC cares for our neighbors in need by providing free care to low-income, uninsured residents of Henderson and Polk Counties. We work collaboratively with the local community health centers, health departments, social service agencies, and hospitals to augment the healthcare system and provide vital services that are not duplicated. We are a community of 220+ dedicated volunteers and 179 healthcare partners working together to make our community a healthier place to live, work, learn, and play, for our neighbors in need and for ourselves. Through TFC our community comes together, helping our most vulnerable neighbors address their health concerns–with everything from access to a doctor’s visit to medications to lack of healthy food or transportation challenges. Helping our neighbors in need helps us all.

Our goal is to bridge gaps in healthcare, not to be someone’s primary care home.  We provide a user-friendly place for people who would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Our current clinics and programs are:

Monday Night

Eye Clinic:
Monthly appointment clinic upon referral; provides ophthalmic screenings and assessments as well as case management as needed.

Endocrinology Clinic:
Monthly appointment clinic upon referral; provides screenings, assessments, and plan of treatment, as well as case management as needed

Tuesday Night

Medical Clinic:
Weekly walk-in clinic providing non-emergent ambulatory care, as well as case management and follow-up care as needed.

Psychiatric Clinic:
Monthly appointment clinic with walk-in availability; provides non-emergent psychiatric care, medication management, and case management services.

Regular Programs & Services

Case Management Services:
Available to patients of TFC clinics and to Henderson and Polk County residents upon referral from primary care physician; provides referrals for specialty consultations, surgical procedures, and/or diagnostic testing (e.g., labs and x-rays) as well as ongoing case management as needed.

Provides short-term (4-6 sessions) of therapeutic counseling.

Community Pharmacy:
Available to patients of TFC clinics and to residents of Henderson, Polk, or Transylvania Counties; part-time dispensing formulary pharmacy.

Medi-Find Prescription Assistance Program:
Available to patients of TFC clinics and to Henderson & Polk County residents, as well as those residing in other communities whose primary care physician practices in Henderson County; assists chronically ill patients to obtain their medications through pharmaceutical companies’ medication assistance programs.